Poor Typist

Being the Musings of Gregory the Poor Typist

The Blogging Curse

Once again, my blog has been cursed. I finally typed up something to post and PostHaven is having errors uploading the scan, at a variety of sizes and resolutions.

It's tempting to pull the plug on this blog altogether, but let's try this third party image hosting site:


Well, that appears to work. That's the solution, for now. Hopefully, PostHaven will get their act together.

I'm probably the only person in the world...

The page ran out quickly with that Primus print wheel at 1½ line spacing. I meant to mention that I was using the multi-strike ribbon. I just recently picked up another one of these moderately rare gems, so I don't feel like I have to horde this one. I like that it doesn't have that solid black look to the print, helping to distinguish it from something composed and printed with modern equipment. Curious how long each ribbon will last... but I'm not going to be the one to put it to the test! //gs

It's now 8:55 am and I am just about to start...

I feel this typing example of my beloved Royal Companion deserves some explanation. Many of the problems you see in the typing are due to the fact that the typewriter was perched atop a stack of my wife's papers on her desk, so it wasn't level, and was, in fact, a bit wobbly. It's a much better typer than is demonstrated here. I don't dare move my wife's papers, as she has a "system," and I don't envy her workload.